The poem for today is something I envision as part of a 2 or 3 day series.  Over the summer I read a strange article at the BBC about Pablo Escobar’s zoo.  I honestly hadn’t known much about him, other than that he was a drug lord, but the article sent me into research mode.  His prison, The Cathedral, has largely fallen into ruin after residents conducted an “excavation” in search of buried money. But his home, Hacienda Napoles, is now a theme park.  I dug around the website for quite a while; I read Spanish easily, but I can’t find a damn thing there acknowledging the origins of the estate.  My wonder at learning all of this was tempered always by a sense of anger at not only his greed but how his fortune destroyed so many lives, directly and indirectly.  Honestly, he didn’t meet with too many consequences.  Even his final moments appear to have been on his terms, and he’s a folk hero to many.  All of this clattered around in my head for the summer.   The Tupelo project gave me the incentive to start sorting through half-formed interests and turning them into poems.  Read on here.  If the poem isn’t up already, it will be soon.  As always, scroll down to the bottom of the day’s work to find me, all the way at the end of the alphabet.