Below are some pieces published in online journals. Additional print-only pieces can be found in RHINO, Heartland Review, Connecticut Review, White Stag, Midwestern Gothic, and more.

Call It Self Care, Fatal Flaw Lit

The Pain Scale and Must Be Nice, Lunch Ticket

When All This is Done, Rogue Agent

Scraped, Cotton Xenomorph

He Says I’ve Made Excuses, Glass Poets Resist

Restructuring, Trash Anatomy: Ass, Cathedral, and other poems, Five:2:One #thesideshow

Reliquary, Whale Road Review

Trash Anatomy: Mouth and other poems, Stirring: A Literary Collection

From His Heart a Spear, Rogue Agent

Reading Plath with No Glasses, Glass: A Poetry Journal

The Eyesore, the Nuisance, Yellow Chair Review

The Night Garden and All You Can Eat, Whale Road

I’m Pretty Much Done Here, Glass: A Poetry Journal

What I Ate Dirty, Tinderbox

At the Small Table, Red River Review

The Library Again, Ninth Letter Illinois Emerging Writers Special Feature

Colossal and Starring as Vigilante, In Posse Review

Guillotine, With Giraffe and Hold Me Till Friday, Calamus Journal (Best of the Net Nominee)

Half-Dressed and Where the Girl Ends, Sundog

No Helmet and These Must Be Your Beasts, Arsenic Lobster

Office Hours, Red River Review

The Coin, Tossed, Snakeskin