A bit of insomnia last night, so I was up and writing well before anyone else in the house was awake, which is a considerable feat given my daughter’s internal rooster.   The poem I worked on today is probably going to go through several more iterations before it’s “done,” mainly because there are so many things to sort through in the subject matter.  But the story behind it is not my own to share, at least not in a factual way.  I can only give the poetry that results from, in this case, a sense of ending.  That’s as specific as I want to be.  I’m thinking of posting a picture of my notebook on this one.  I always write by hand first, and some drafts are messier than others.  This one took about a whole pen’s worth of ink just to cross off what I felt needed to be junked.

I also wanted to mention that the donor who gives the most to Tupelo in honor of my 30/30 poetry marathon gets a hand-made chapbook of the months poems.  One of a kind, guaranteed!  Any suggestions or requests for subjects?  Word lists?  Post them at my Facebook page!

The poem, “The First of Her Elegies,” should be up soon.