One of the wonderful things about being a poet is that it gives you permission to follow any minor or major interest–everything is inspiring, really.  Recently I read (and then confirmed, because I am a dork) that Queen Elizabeth sent her first email in 1976.  That seemed so terribly early.  I got my first email account in 1995 or 6 and then used it mainly to encourage people to drink with me.  As I followed the story, I became curious about what she’d said.  Then I came across the statement that the palace declined to discuss its contents.  Makes it sound important, no?  But probably she did the equivalent of the first time we used cell phones and said, “Guess where I am?”  I’m still curious what she said, but the historical disruption in my head was cause for the poem.  1976…that’s just so early.  Here’s “On Learning the Queen Sent an Email in 1976.”  I suppose you don’t really need the story given the title, but there you go.