In September, I am going to be participating in the Tupelo 30/30 Project. I’ll be writing and publishing a new poem every day (!) , which you can read at .   The goal of the 30/30 Project for me is to push myself into new territory as a writer while raising some money for Tupelo Press, an outstanding nonprofit publisher of poetry. Independent publishers are responsible for 98% of poetry published in the US today, so their survival is critical to the world of poetry.

Please consider following my progress—and maybe throwing a few bucks towards Tupelo Press. There are three ways to support my fundraising goals, each with a slightly different twist on the process:

  1. Subscribe to Tupelo Press, and get 9 books for $99. Put my name in the “comments” field so the donation can be credited.
  2. Complete the Tupelo Press Donation Form at . Scroll to the bottom of the page and put my name in the “honor” field.
  3. Donate using PayPal at and put my name in the message field.

The person who donates the highest amount towards my goal will receive a hand-made chapbook of the poems I blog during September! Have I made a hand-made chapbook before? No! Am I crafty? Not really! But that guarantees that it will be entirely unique.


I have joined the Facebook. Find me, friend me, etc. I am new to the Facebook (honestly!) and had pledged to resist. But then I signed onto the 30/30 Project and found that the success of a nonprofit could be impacted by my Luddite stance. My own page will gradually take the place of the wonderful book-specific page that Robert Frolick made for me. I would advise following or liking my page if for no other reason than to watch me get horribly confused about the public/private postings thing and cause problems in my life.