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Day 15: ELJ 30/30 Write Now

The Miserable Pure


Back to normal

in the miserable pure:

forests and rainbows

love not the desperate.

The things that reach me

are havoc

and rocks.


(Source: Conscience Letter 331)


Day 14, ELJ 30/30 Write Now

There and Nowhere Else



Thoughtless in August,

close to you

among ruins and paintings

with small loose pieces all around–


I tried

to stay embedded in you.

But you had no cause

to admire me.

I was one of many, the lowest.


I don’t know when I’ll be through that way again.

I am in no state to return.



(Source: Conscience Letter 143(?))

Day 13, ELJ 30/30 Write Now




The souvenirs of youth

are selfishness

and limits.


I am surreptitiously


in my enthusiasm

for pilferage.


I have removed

and removed.


In understanding

that what I have done

has exceeded


in that I am old.


(Source: Conscience Letter 302)


Day 12: ELJ 30/30 Write Now

I was fine until I brought them into my home



The stone / the wood / the vase /


the daughter / the cat / the dog /


the broke / the dying / the killed


instantly / then / since



Day 11, ELJ 30/30 Write Now

And We Were Falling Ill


Though we lived right,

we have run out of time.


Any decisions made

go sour.


We have read to the bookends

desperate to change the result.


We authorize

our own method of loss.


All ends

after all.


(Source: Conscience Letter 475)

Day 10: 30/30 ELJ Write Now



The boy who broke me

belongs to you–


I give you my years

of final straws

and camels’ backs.


I won’t return.

But when you are convinced

that there is a

bad enough,

step back and

look for me.


(Source: Conscience Letter 497)



Day 9, ELJ 30/30 Write Now

She Began to Wonder


Luck has not been with her:

Her husband died young,

and four children to raise.

Two grandchildren nearly died

twice. And she has never hit the lottery,

her numbers worthless.


Now elderly and unsure,

she is lifted by legend:

forty years of sorrow seem


to the return of plagues.

Suffering and hoping

are in-laws.


(Source: Conscience Letter 353)


Day 8, ELJ 30/30 Write Now

Return to Air


Someday I may build a

monument to the impossible


out of pieces of spite and error,

wrong signs, hard attitude.


After a year of years

I would take you on a tour


and in my  monument school

I would teach you I would teach you


what was or wasn’t yours, what you took and spent

from the better time when you weren’t sorry.


(Source: Conscience Letter 099)

Day 7, ELJ 30/30 Write Now

Tempted and Fell


My sorry back,

my neckless neck:

my millstone.

Forgive me.

Out of this

I would have made—

I was going to—


(Source: Conscience Letter 301)

Day 6, 30/30 ELJ Write Now

Just as a reminder, all of my work for this month is found poetry from the super-cool book Bad Luck, Hot Rocks.



No more, dear sir, would I be in charge

of a month ago,

that broken time away from everyone:


No. Dear sir, I am stealing

some little painted pieces of sun

that shine

from the beautiful future.

These belong to me.


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