So.  My amazing group of fellow poets writing in the 30/30 Project came up with the idea for doing a shared prompt each Thursday.  Last week was the passenger pigeon (RIP, Martha).  And this week we went with an article I had suggested. I must own up to it, I suppose.  It had a great sound: “Russian sex geckos.  Russian sex geckos.”  But it also had the Beckett-like humor/tragedy/absurdity concoction.   Anything that makes me laugh at this incredibly dark path we must take through life is my nectar.  My brothers and sisters in the poetry struggle were all excited (here I imagine my dad making inappropriate joke #1) about the geckos, so we went on.  And then, as I put together my poem, I realized it was 9/11.  Beautiful, weepy things were being posted (try this one).  Here we come (inappropriate joke#2) with sex geckos.  There is no way to reconcile the two.  So maybe shut off the 9/11 mind and read “The Way of All Worlds.”   If it’s not up now, it should be soon (inappropriate joke#3).